Cloud Payroll System

A Cloud Payroll Software makes payroll simple and quick - it's so easy-to-use that no training is required. It enables business owners and HR managers to run LHDN approved payroll in just a few clicks.

Payroll & Payslips

Monthly Payroll & Payslips

It generates payroll, payslips, reports and forms. Employees have access to their own payslips anywhere, anytime. No more need to print! Coming with the employees database, respective payslips of the employees can be retrieved by a few clicks. As the data is securely encrypted and protected via SSL, you have no worry of identity theft. With the automated payroll system, paperwork is no longer required as this provides you an organized solution.

Statutory Form Generation

It generates payroll, payslips, reports and forms. Auto generation of monthly statutory forms for payment of statutory bodies such as Form A, Form 8A and Form CP39. Yearly form (E/EA) will be generated with all figures and information filled accurately by the system. The Cloud Payroll software also supports online submission by uploading the auto-generated files online for statutory payments and submission of yearly forms.

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Bank Integrations

It processes bulk salary payments to your staff and the statutory bodies via your bank in a few clicks. Bank files for salary and statutory payments will be automatically generated upon payroll submission. Only a simple process is needed for the integration, just log-in to your online banking account and upload the bank files generated by the Cloud Payroll software.

Online Leave Management

Simple e-leave for you and your staff, linked directly to your payroll. It is easy for applying and approving leave, plus you can assign a manager to approve leave. Employees can check remaining leave allocation online and apply for leave via their accounts. With a clear overview of leave taken in the leave calendar, the business owner and staff are able to track the leave and absences easily.

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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employees will be able to apply for leave and view their leave allowance via their own log-in. It organizes the leave management clearly. It is also capable of reviewing the employees’ personal information and requests for changes if there’s a required modification.


Generate payroll summary, variance and custom reports to help increase the efficiency of the payroll system. The generated payroll reports are useful for analyzing the spending for the workforce. In addition, the software also comes with custom reports which allows relevant information to be written down in the reports.

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Why Cloud Payroll System

Increase Productivity
  • Automated payroll allows you to save time and focus on your business. Accurate and precise payroll make the operation more efficient.
Expert Support
  • Comes with a payroll help center and reliable in-app live customer support.
Accessible and Secure
  • Access and manage your payroll anywhere and anytime.Secure encryption for your payroll system.
Simple Payroll
  • Run your payroll easily via user-friendly interface. It doest not require complicated skills or knowledge to be used.
Statutory Compliance
  • All calculation for the satutory bodies approved by LHDN.