Edulive - Online Education System

Integrate a holistic solution for internal traning and management with e-learning.
By using edulive, it can offer more collaboration and interaction with experts and peers, as well as a higher success rate than the live alternative.

Why edulive

Why Use Edulive?

Edulive is a leading integrated platform for real-time interactive online education and management. With its holistic and gamifaction features in E-learning platform, it allows Managers, Teachers / Instructors to easily engage, attract and make positive impacts on learners in any learning form.

  • Gamifaction features on learning content.

Holistic Platform:
  • Real time class, on web content creation, teacher & learner management & report.

Blended Learning:
  • Online and traditional learning management.

  • Fun, excitement and rewards in the live classroom.

Edulive Solutions

Edulive solutions can be defined as several types of solutions as shown below:

  • E-learning Platform Solution
  • School Management Software Solution
  • Education Centers Software Solution
  • Internal Traning And Manangement Solution

Edulive solutions
Benefits for enterprises

Benefits for Enterprises

Easy in Training and Learning Implementation:
  • Building training readmap according to the competency framework and organization structure, making it easy to implement short-term and long-term traning plans.

Managing All Training Forms:
  • Distance learning (self-learning), online traning (live class), blended traning or even traditional training (offline) are manageable on Edulive.

Efficient In Training Management:
  • With automation tools, full of overview reports and detailed reports which are providing full overview information about learners, trainers, training results and training quality.

Features of Edulive

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Virtual Class
  • Trainer & Learner Performance Report
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Training Plan Report
  • Internal Training Management System
  • Certification System
Features of edulive
Learning managemeny system

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System with Live Stream which is suitable for School teachers, Business Coachers and Corporate.

With client implications, Learning Management System digitalise with gamification material or lessons, equipped with interactive Live Stream features and also came with all beautiful template to use. Hence, it is designed to produces an interactive online learning classroom with e-gamifaction.

Features of Learning Manaagement System
  • For administrators, they can use this system to organize and manage online courses, arrange teaching and learning shedule for trainers, as well as store and coordicate learning contents.
  • For trainers or instuctors, they can track and manage learners learning progress though this system. Besides, they are also able to communicate and discuss directly with learners inside and outside the classroom.
  • For trainee or learners, they are able to self-study, do excercise and take test online by using this system. Hence, it allows trainers to keep track of learners progress and academic results.

Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Learning Content Management System digitalise teaching materials and provide features such as drag and drop content creation, gamifaction for interaction and also rewards.

It is the only web-based interactive content creation tool in the world as it save time leacturing, do not limit learners to interact on the same lecture and also no required to install software.

Features of Learning Content Management System
  • Smart Interactive Teaching Tools which provide sufficient tools that needed to prepare inyeractive lectures
  • Vivide Lecture Content Repositor with full sound efects of tempates and available image in the library. It is easy to use and the electronic notes are also constantly updated every day.
Learning content management system
Interactive virtual classroom

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Live streaming is provided for learners and trainers with such features:

  • Control and manage unlimited learners
  • Virtual Classroom
  • E-learning and Group Discussion
  • Cloud based
  • Web-app interface

In virtual classroom, it includes several useful features such as dashboard management and unique login to virtual class. Besides, it is also available at multiple platform which can be web or mobile application.

Notable Clients of Edulive

At least 10 of notable clients of Edulive and these clients include:

  • MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS which is an Information and Communications Public Management School

Apart from that, other valueble clients such as MBBank, Mobifone Global, Langmaster, Pantado, etc are also included in Edulive.

Notable client
Edulive awards


Edulive has been awarded by different organizations such as Vnexpress, Cafef, and Ministry Of Science And Technology from Vietnam and it ensure that this solution has enough strength to provide you a perfect Learning Management System.